If you are looking for physical and mental strength, flexibility and stamina in a
non-competitive environment that leads you to a sense of peace and a feeling of being at one with yourself and your environment this may be the place for you.

For some, life is a breeze, for others it is more like a roller coaster. We strive to bring a yoga practice that will support your daily life.

What ever your profession, finding a way to destress and reconnect is vital for good health on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

We will explore yoga with a gentle attitude in small classes. So whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, you will have the opportunity to find a practice that supports your needs.

We will practice Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breath work), and Meditation. (training the mind)

  • Asana – any of the three physical postures of sitting, standing or lying down may be involved in which we might practice stretches, twists, bends and inversions.
  • Pranayama – involving the focused attention to breath either during movement or in stillness.┬áIt is believed that through regular practice the nervous systems is strengthen and this aids in facing stressful situations more positively.
  • Meditation – we begin to consciously train the mind.