Anna is a fully qualified Yoga Therapist and YA Level 2 Yoga teacher.

Anna became interested in yoga around thirty years ago. Discovering the positive, soothing, calming affect that stretching and moving her body in different ways produced on her mind and mood. At that time it was just an interesting observation, not even realising  that moving this way was a form of Asana (yogic poses). Many years later life lead her to formal Yoga classes and a teacher who would later train her in the studies of Hatha Yoga.

After gaining a formal yoga teaching diploma,Anna was inspired to continue learning about the further benefits of yoga so studied with the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy and qualified as a Yoga therapist.

Complimenting this other certificate studies under taken and completed are;

  • Pre and Post natal Yoga teacher training
  • Evolution teacher training
  • Pleasant Pranayama, effortless Asana
  • Yogic Mindfulness, Mind your Mind
  • Yoga for children, foundation and advanced teacher training
  • Somatic movement education with Lisa Peterson

With a personal philosophy that “learning never ends” Anna continually takes opportunities to study under well respected and renowned teachers such as Judith Laster, the Mohans, Donna Farhi, Lisa Peterson, Seane Corn,  Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach. Not all the people who influence her are well known Yogis, many are the students she meets in her classes., However each one imparts deep compassion, wisdom and learnings that bring more depth to her life and work.