Time Table

Term one 2020

January 28th -27th March (9wks)


Term two 2020

April 14th – June 26th (11wks)

(no class Friday 5th June so 10wk)


Term three 2020

July 13th – September 11th (9wks)


Term four 2020

October 7th – December 18th (11wks)

(no class Friday 29th October  so 10 wks )

Classes sizes are small with limited numbers to allow for personalised attention, so please book in advance to secure a place and avoid disappointment.

8 weeks – full term payment prior class commencement – $136

9 weeks – full term payment prior class commencement – $153

10 weeks – full term payment prior class commencement – $170

11 weeks – full term payment prior class commencement – $187


General classes

Wednesday evening           6pm – 7pm

Friday mornings  Caring for the Carers                9.30am -10.30am   and  10.45am -11.45am

Somatics and Yoga Nidra

Tuesday evenings         6.00pm -7.00pm


Private Classes              

By appointment only – $85 hour

Class Description

General classes

1hr –  These are small intimate classes were anna will bring her unique blend of traditional  Hatha yoga & Pranayam with somatic movement followed by a relaxing Savasana practice.

Caring for the Carers

These classes are specifically tailored to the needs of those members of our community who daily give of themselves on all levels; physically,mentally and emotionally . The class offers a way of refilling and restoring one-self in order to meet the demands of life with a calm open mind  and heart.


1hr – Gentle movements designes to bring greater flexibility, strength and ease of movement  to the whole human being. Deeply relaxing .

Yoga Nidra

A very deep relaxation practice from the Indian Yoga tradition. Also known as the Psychic Sleep.The Parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems are balance, the left and right side of brain come to a more relaxed state so much so it is guided to the gap ; the place of nothingness just before sleep,total calmness and then guided back again. you wake feeling alert,peaceful and calm fully restored. Anxiety and stress reduced excellent for those of us who live busy stres- filled days .

Private classes

1hr –  one on one support for the individual who wishes to further deepen their  own personal practice.

Payment Terms

Bookings are required to be paid in advance in order to reserve a place.

Details how to pay are forwarded to you via email, upon offer of a place.

Once payment is received your place in class will be secured.
If for some reason you are unable to attend a class you have booked, please contact me 24hrs prior to that same class to  attend a make up class if available other wise you may forfeit that class.